EL BARRIO (2009-2013)

El Barrio was a big warm room located on the east side of Vancouver where people gathered each week to check out some beautiful musicians do their thing.


These are just some of the bands and players that played there over the 4 years..


Kevin Elaschuk


Peggy Lee Band

André Lachance


West Coast Art Trio

Tony Wilson

Talking Pictures

Wayne Horvitz and Robin Holcolm

John Paton

Jeff Younger

Jill Townsend Big Band

Pugs and Crows


Aram Bajakian

Aeroplane Trio

Ron Samworth

Tyson Naylor

Brad Turner 4tet

Debra-Jean Creelman

Gord Grdina Trio

Tommy Babin

Jesse Zubot

Lisa Miller

Dylan van der Schyff

Bernie Arai

Marianne Trudel

Alicia Hansen


Josh Cole

Chad MacQuarrie

François Houle

Company B

Chad Makela

Sean Cronin’s Very Good

Evan Artnzen

Dave Say

Tom Wherrett

Jillian Lebeck

Noah Walker

Big Buck

Gentle Party

Cat Toren

Sick Boss

Soft Morning City

Chris Gestrin


Dave Sikula


Dan Gaucher

Dark Blue World

Not the wind, Not the Flag

Worst Pop Band Ever!

Sharon Minemoto

Chris Davis

Cory Weeds

Chad Leyte


Coat Cooke

Bad Translator

Michael Blake

Hugh Fraser

Omar Amlani

Bill Coon

Ihor Kukurudza


and many more..