NoSchMo, Coastal Jazz and the Electric Owl (928 Main Street) present 7 nights of music throughout the Vancouver International Jazz Festival.






Saturday, JUNE 22nd


Alicia Hansen/ Ben Brown duo (9pm)

The music of Alicia Hansen and Ben Brown defies the boundaries of the song-form. Full of rhythmic perplexities and assymetrical meters, it features improvisation and a high degree of interplay, while still remaining accessible and uniquely appealing. This is ‘lieder for the modern condition’: haunting, beautiful and fearlessly unique.

Alicia Hansen – vocals/keys

Ben Brown – drums



Pugs and Crows and Tony Wilson (10pm)

The Pugs and Crows are an instrumental band that performs original music that evokes a shifting range of sonic colours and ambient soundscapes. Their sophomore album, Fantastic Pictures, scored a 2013 Juno Award for Instrumental Album of the Year. The group is currently working towards a new batch of tunes to record their third album with Vancouver guitarist and composer, Tony Wilson.



Sunday, JUNE 23rd


Gord Grdina’s Qalandar (9pm)

Qalandar melds Arabic Persian and free improvisation together performing traditional pieces and contemporary compositions. The music, though virtuosic leaves  much room for the delicate interpretation and interplay.

Reza HONARI – Kamanche
Ali Razmi – Tar
Hamin HONARI – tombak and daf
Gordon Grdina – Oud
Kenton Loewen – drums
Karlis Silins – bass



Monday, JUNE 24th 


Tommy Babin – solo set (9pm)

Bassist and composer Tommy Babin has recorded and performed worldwide with a wide and varying array of artists. Dedicated to pushing his own limits on his instrument, he divides his time between Vancouver and San Diego where he is a graduate student under Mark Dresser at the University of California, San Diego.

Tommy Babin’s Benzene (10pm)

Bassist Tommy Babin’s ensemble, Benzene, has been described as “art/music that’s toxic and inflammable” by the Village Voice, and “crafty excercise in maddening juxtaposition” by Exclaim !
With Tommy Babin -bass, Chad Makela – bari sax, Chad MacQuarrie – guitar, and Skye Brooks- drums.



Tuesday, JUNE 25th


Jesse Zubot – solo set (8:30pm)

Jesse Zubot is one of those musicians whose praxis spans multiple genres and transcends contextualization into an idiom. Between moments of impassioned, visceral outbursts and emotive sensitivities, he exposes the full range of affects through a pristine sonic architecture. Zubot is a Award winning artist and runs the creative music record label, Drip Audio.

SICK BOSS (9:30pm)

The revolving creative bandwagon known as Sick Boss was hired as an excuse to explore compositions from Vancouver’s creative music scene past and present. Armed with the impetus of a $5.95 steak special, Sick Boss has found its wings and boldly ventures into the kingdom of burritos and improvisation. With John Paton sax, Kevin Elaschuk trumpet, Cole Schmidt guitar, James Meger bass, Dan Gaucher drums.



Wednesday, JUNE 26th


Debra-Jean Creelman (9pm)
Debra-Jean Creelman’s first professional engagement was a memorial service at the age of 14.  Several funeral gigs would follow, and those who have seen her sing could easily assume that these initial performance experiences contribute to the emotional nature of her music. This quality, coupled with a soulful voice, sets Creelman apart from your average singer-songwriter.

Sean Cronin’s Very Good – (10pm)

Where irony and passivity reign, we must create ways of saying things without actually saying them.
Thus: this band is Very Good. It’s issues like this that Sean Cronin’s Very Good addresses.. All while creating musical tapestries that create a zany and beautiful journey through styles and various states of lucidity.



Thursday, JUNE 27th


Sun Killer (8:30pm)

Sun Killer explores riffs and improvisation within the songs of Tom Wherrett. Their music is influenced by artists like Nels Cline, Stats, and Deerhoof. The band has a unique and propulsive sound that represents the diverse backgrounds these Vancouver musicians bring together. With JP Carter, Dan Gaucher and Pete Schmitt.



Big Buck (9:30pm)

Led by Guitarist/Composer Alvaro Rojas, Big Buck fuses the grooves and psychedelic textures of dub reggae with tones inspired by spaghetti western soundtracks, and a touch of drone and noise. In other words, a ménage à trois between King Tubby, Ennio Morricone and Black Sabbath.



Friday, JUNE 28th


Zephyr Trio (8:30pm)

Zephyr Trio is a groove based modern jazz trio that has come together to serve the music. Founded in 2011, with over three decades of experience playing live music in several genres between them, it is sure to be inspiring to listen to this group. With Kelly Brown guitar, Scott Tucker bass,Justin James drums.


The Star Captains are a fleet of five based in Vancouver, BC. Their music is navigated by a shared love for soul, rock, and rhythm. The Captains blend tube-driven guitar tones with analogue synthesizers, luscious vocals and saxophone.